Where can I find the best performing games?

There are 3 ways to find data on the best performing games.

Option 1
The first way to find the best performing games is by going to Benchmarking -> Gaming -> Report Builder.  

Once the Report Builder screen loads, you can make your selections based on the timeframe and averages you would like to see.  You will then need to select all denominations and all games that you would like to see data for and select the type of machines.  

TIP: Rather than clicking on ‘All Games’ at the top of the games filter which will give an amalgamated number for all games, highlight specific games to see individual data for a  game.   You don’t need to scroll through each game to select all individual games.  Just select the first game then press SHIFT + END key together and all games will be highlighted through to the bottom of the list. Please note that by selecting the individual games you will be generating a large report which will take more time to generate.

Once the dynamic report has been generated, you can rank each column by clicking on the headings at the top.

Option 2
The other way to find the best performing games is from Astute BI -> Gaming Intelligence -> EGM Ranking report section which is based on daily data.  This report is only available for licensees that automatically submit daily data. 

Option 3
Gaming ranking can also be accessed from our Market Rankings reports.  These are available on request.  Please email admin@astutebi.com.au to request a copy of the latest market rankings.  These reports are static reports produced each month and can be downloaded to your computer as PDFs.

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