How quickly after the reporting month has ended can I view my monthly benchmarks?

Monthly Data

If you are submitting your data manually then it is available at different times as financial and gaming data are published separately.  Financial data is published in batches each week and gaming data is published once per month. 

Financial data is published by mid-month the following month, for example, July data will be first published by mid August and then rolling publishes will occur each week after, usually for four weeks.  It is preferable that you submit your financial data as soon as possible at the end of the month so that your reports will be available in the earliest publish cycle.

Gaming data is published by the middle of the month, for example, July data is published by mid August.  It is important that you submit this information as soon as possible by the end of the month so that you don't miss the publish cycle.

Please note that submission rules apply for monthly benchmarking results.


Daily Data

Our automated processes enable us to have daily gaming, carded gaming & POS data available on the Astute BI website the following day.



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