Why should I benchmark my venue using Astute BI?

There are a number of benefits in participating in the benchmarking offered via Astute BI:

To ensure your venue's profitability & efficiency
Benchmarking allows you to compare your venue’s performance against the greater licenced club industry and provides factual information on which to base your business decisions. Benchmarking takes the ‘gut-feel’ out of decision-making. By benchmarking with Astute BI, you can compare your venue’s performance overall and drill down to the key areas that affect your business (e.g. bar, gaming, food, marketing, fixed costs and more).

If the performance of your venue is affected positively or negatively by regulatory changes or consumer spending habits, you can see whether other venues are feeling similar effects. 

To comply with Corporate Governance responsibilities.
Benchmarking assists board members to fulfill their roles and responsibilities to the venue and its members.

To ensure the future of the industry
Benchmarking assists the Gaming Industry to support its case to all stakeholder groups (e.g. government, community). By gathering detailed performance and operational data on an industry wide basis, the Industry can undertake detailed economic modeling to assess the likely impacts of any proposed regulatory changes.

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