Automating gaming data transfer

There are 4 systems that we can automate gaming data transfer for your venue direct into the Astute BI data warehouse:

  • Maxgaming
  • eBET
  • OSS
  • Odyssey

Do you use one of these systems?  If yes, then with your permission, we can set up an arrangement to automatically capture your gaming data.  Call 1300 00 DATA or email and we can get you set up.

Advantages of Automating Gaming Data Transfer
There are a number of advantages in automating the transfer of your gaming data into the Astute BI system:

  • Daily reporting available
  • Monthly reports are made available as soon as possible after the month ends
  • No need to worry about missing the cut-off publish dates
  • Streamlines the reporting process
  • Able to add additional membership & loyalty information as part of the data transfer


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