How Astute BI Benchmarking Works

Astute BI benchmarking data allows you to compare your venue's performance against the rest of the industry. Benchmarking reports allow you to filter by venue type and region to get a specific comparison of your venue's performance against venues from a similar region.

On Astute BI benchmarking reports your venue's performance is shown in blue on the graphs. The filtered benchmarking data is provided in four classes as defined below. Venues are ranked within the benchmarking sample based on the average daily profit and allocated to the Top, Mid and Low groupings.

Low 25%: The average of the bottom 25% of venues for a selected region and period

Mid 50%: The average of the middle venues (not in top 25% or low 25%) for a selected region and period

Top 25%: The average of the top 25% of venues for the selected region and period

Average: The average of the venues for a selected region and period.

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