How can I get login information?

Existing Astute BI Licensees
If your Venue already has a licensing agreement with Astute BI and you would like to be given access to the online reporting suite, call 1300 00 DATA or send an email to and request access.

We will then contact the authorised password holder at your Venue to confirm their agreement to your being given access.  Once confirmation has been received, we'll send the login information to your email address.

New Astute BI Licensees
When you sign up with Astute BI for our smart reporting suite, you are provided with a username and password that is unique to your venue.  If you have not yet received the information or it has been misplaced, call 1300 00 DATA or send an email to and if you are listed on the account, we will email the information to you.

Want to become a Astute BI Licensee?
You can request a live demonstration of the Astute BI system to see if its right for your venue:  Request a Demonstration

If you have any questions about our service: Click here to contact us

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