Overview of Your Gaming Floor

When analysing data, it is critical that you first decide what question you are trying to answer and, just as importantly, who needs the information. For example, the answer to “How is my gaming floor performing?” will change quite a bit depending on who is asking.

Within the one venue, there are several different perspectives on that one question about gaming floor performance:

  • Financial perspective: How much money is the gaming floor making, and what are the costs associated with running the gaming floor?
  • Gaming perspective: How are individual games performing?  Which games are most popular?
  • Marketing perspective: What impact does specific marketing programs or incentives have on gaming profitability?

You can find answers to those questions in the different Astute BI modules.

In the Astute BI Financial Module, you will find a big picture view of Gaming in the Gaming Scorecard report. 

Financial -> Gaming Scorecard

There are also trend reports in the Financial module which provide context by comparing your venue to other venues.  You can filter this report by State, location, region, type, club type and EGM size to really make sure that you're getting the most applicable comparisons.

In the Astute BI Gaming Module, you can drill in and get a daily summary of how your gaming floor is performing in terms of profit and turnover, including best and lowest performing games.

Gaming -> Venue Summary

There is also monthly reports available which include venue specific information and benchmarking comparisons.

In the Astute BI Membership Module, you can find detailed information on your members and what effect your promotional activities are having on your member's spending patterns.

Membership -> Membership Summary

You can use this information to target particular suburbs through your marketing activities and adjust your marketing message to appeal to your most profitable age group and gender and then in subsequent months see what is working and what isn't. 

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