Targeting Customers by Demographics

The Astute BI Membership module provides a detailed view of where your members live, their gender and age range.  This information can then be used in your marketing efforts to target particular demographics and with the report timing options available you'll then be able to see clearly what promotional activities had the desired results and what didn't. 

The Astute BI Membership module allows you to segment your members into particular categories that you can then drill into and analyze to identify the strengths and opportunities. 

For example, if your daytime customers are usually women aged 50-70 years from 5 suburbs all within 5 kilometers of your venue then you may consider sending an offer for a lunch voucher to your male members in that age bracket and living in those suburbs to encourage more men to attend during the day.  Or you could target female members 50-70 years in other nearby suburbs, either through particular events likely to appeal to them or specific dining or gaming offers.

Or perhaps the members in a particular suburb used to be your top performers but have dropped away recently.  You could send an offer to all your members in that suburb to encourage them to visit your venue or you could make a special offer to the top 10 performers in that suburb, perhaps highlighting the new games you have on the gaming floor that are likely to appeal to them.

The dashboard that provides an overview of your members is the Demographics Dashboard.

Membership & Marketing -> Demographics

By clicking on any suburb as highlighted above, a pop up will appear like the one below providing more detailed information for that particular suburb.

The above dashboards give a great overview of the demographics for your venue and highlight details that are worth drilling into.  However, the best way to dig further into the demographics for your venue is by using the functionality of the cube.

For example, the screenshot below shows the names of the bottom 10 members for a venue by gender and age and looks at a number of KPIs (average play per visit, duration, session count, total session turnover and number of visits to the venue for the selected month).

The above template is available here.  You can download it and then establish your own cube connection to populate the spreadsheet with your own data.


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