How to Connect to the Data Cube in Excel 2010

One of the benefits of Astute BI is direct access to your own data cube. The data cube stores your data in a ready-to-use state, and this is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection and Microsoft Excel versions 2007 or 2010. This version will guide you through Excel 2010. For the Excel 2007 guide, click here

This guide steps through the process of connecting to your data cube.

  1. Open Microsoft Excel 2010
  2. Click the Data Tab -> From Other Sources -> then select From Analysis Services

  3. Enter your connection details into the Connection screen below.  
    a.    The server address is 
    b.    Your username and password would have been provided to you at registration
    c.    The catalogue to use is Gaming
    d.    Click OK to save and continue

  4. Next, ensure Gaming is selected for the database, and IDO_Gaming is selected for the cube/table.  Click Next.

  5. On the “Save Data Connection File” and Finish, ensure that “Save password in file” is checked. Change the File Name, Description & Friendly Name to something which is easily disguisable. This will assist you when selecting this connection in the future. Click Finish.

    Click Yes to the warning message that pops up.

  6. The pivot table field list will now be available for you to use. 

Congratulations!  You have now successfully connected to your data cube, and you should see a range of pivot table options to the right of the spreadsheet.

Please contact Astute BI if you have any questions in how to make the most of the data cube.


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