What are the KPIs that make up Overheads?

Definition of Overheads%

All Venues are faced with large back-of-house and general costs in order to operate a Venue. These overheads represent, on average, 27 - 35% of total Venue revenue.  It continues to be an area Venues must benchmark to ensure Overheads expenses are in line with industry spending.

Overheads(%) is the management KPI to monitor spend in this area and is calculated as follows:

What are the KPIs that make up Overheads?

The KPIs that make up overheads are:

  • Overhead wages
  • Employee On-costs
  • Repairs + Maintenance (R+M)
  • Marketing + Promotions (M+P)
  • Advertising
  • Entertainment
  • Energy
  • PPS (printing, postage, stationery)
  • Overhead other costs


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