Analysing EGM Performance

One of the best report to use when analysing your overall EGM performance - both in terms of highlighting your 'winners' and your problem machines - is to look at the EGM Occupancy Dashboard.

This Dashboard provides an easy-to-use snapshot of how each machine on your floor is performing relative to its usage and turnover. It's then easy to drill into each game and find out more about the KPIs for a particular machine.

The Dashboard is based on the Occupancy for each EGM.  Occupancy is calculated by dividing the venue's operating hours by the number of strokes played on an EGM, multiplied by 7 seconds.

Gaming -> EGM Occupancy


a. Filter Menu
b. Scatter Graph
c. Denomination or Manufacturer view

The graph above shows % Occupancy of each machine compared to its ADT or in other words how much the machine is used compared to the amount of money that goes through the machine.  Each dot on the scatter plot represents a machine on your floor. 

The scatter chart can by shown by denomination or manufacturer by clicking the radio bottom below the chart (in the section marked 'C').  Each manufacturer or denomination is colour coded to provide a quick visual overview.

Filters can also be applied to focus on a particular manufacturer or denomination.  For example, you could filter the chart to show only 0.01 cent machines.

Why is Occupancy Important?

Occupancy is a function of how customers behave with your gaming products.  This scatter plot enables you to assess how your products attract different playing behaviours.

Here are a couple of examples.  A low % Occupancy but a high ADT will show higher betting behaviour.  On the other hand, a high Occupancy and high ADT is likely to show either high betting behaviour amongst few or several players, or comparatively lower betting behaviour over a larger quantity of players.  With high % Occupancy and high ADT, there is likely to be in-house competition for this machine and there exists opportunity to expand this product on the floor.

Machines in the far left bottom corner that show the lowest % Occupancy and lowest ADT show cause for review.

What KPIs are available for each EGM?

Click on a blue dot and a pop up window will appear with full details for that particular EGM.

The data available in each pop up window for each EGM includes

  • floor number
  • serial number
  • manufacturer
  • expected net percentage
  • actual net percentage
  • turnover
  • profit
  • average bet
  • strokes
  • ADT
  • expected ADP
  • actual ADP
  • graphs showing ADT ($) and ADP ($) in terms of the venue and state averages and for the particular EGM


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