Purchasing a New EGM

When purchasing a new EGM for your venue, Astute BI reporting can provide a range of independent data that can assist you to make the best possible decision for your venue.  A strategy to determine which new games to buy and which games to remove could include:

  1. Gaming Floor Analysis
  2. Existing Poor Performers
  3. Member Preferences
  4. Performance Comparison



Gaming Floor Analysis

In the first instance, it is a good idea to get an idea of how your gaming floor compares in terms of denomination and manufacturers to the Top 25% of venues in your state.  To do this go to:

Gaming -> Distribution-> Denomination

From the above data you can see that this demo venue has a higher number of 1c and 5c machines than the top 25%, and a lower amount of 2c, 10c and $1 machines.  Interestingly the top 25% have a higher profit percentage from $1 machines compared to the rate of distribution (3.81% distribution and 5.11% profit - in other words they are disproportionately profitable compared to the number of machines) so this maybe something worth investigating.

Gaming -> Distribution-> Manufacturer

From a manufacturers perspective, the demo venue has a higher proportion of Ainsworth, Aristocrat, Aruze and Konami and a lower proportion of IGT than the average for the top 25%.  The average profit/day/EGM is lower for Aristocrat both in terms of the venue's distribution (32.55% distribution compared to 27.86% profit) and lower than the average for the top 25%. 

From the above analysis, it is worth considering a change to the mix of denominations and manufacturers to raise the profitability of this venue.

Existing Poor Performers

Once this initial analysis has been done then it's worth looking at EGM Occupancy data and drilling into a particular denomination and manufacturer to highlight particular machines to replace.  Click here for more information about Analysing EGM Performance.

An examination of the performance of your gaming floor can also be done via the Cube.  There is a template in the Cube section of the Knowledgebank that is set up to do this.  It's called Gaming Floor Plan Analysis.  Click here to access this template.

Member Preferences

It would also be worth looking at the games that your top members most like to play, what the turnover and profit is for those top members and see whether any of those EGMs are in your target list for replacement. 

There is a template in the Cube section of the Knowledgebank that is set up to pull the top 20 members at your venue and then look at the games they most like to play.  It's called Top 20 Member Analysis.  Click here to access this template.

Performance Comparison

To determine possible games to select you could look at the machines that the top 25% of venues currently run.  This can be done through Dynamic Reports in the Gaming Module (bottom of the Gaming sidebar).

Gaming -> Customise -> Dynamic Reports

As we identified earlier that the venue was low in 2c, 5c and $1 machines compared to the top 25% of venues and had a lower mix of IGT machines, the following options were selected on the dynamic gaming menu:

  • All States Top 25% (you can choose this option or your particular state)
  • Most recent month
  • 2c, 10c and $1 denominations
  • Manufacturer: IGT
  • All games
  • All machines
  • Machine Distribution (%)
  • Turnover Distribution (%)
  • Profit Distribution (%)

Based on those variables the following report was produced:

The top 4 machines highlighted maybe worth considering as they all have a higher profit distribution compared to the machine distribution percentage.

The other way to analyze the data would be to look at all manufacturers and denominations for the top 25% and see if you already have any of the machines listed.  If you do then these machines could be the ones that you encourage your top members to use or think about re-positioning on your floor to raise your level of occupancy and profitability. 


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